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Make South Indian Best authentic Filter Coffee. Follow these Best easy steps

How to make best authentic south Indian Filter coffee on easy steps

A wonderful and well-liked coffee beverage with a strong flavour and scent is called "South Indian filter coffee." An authentic South Indian filter coffee recipe is provided below:


1 cup of coffee Powder, finely ground (preferably a South Indian blend)
water, 1 cup
100 ml of milk
Sugar, two tablespoons (adjust to taste)

Note: Always use fresh coffee powder direct from coffee land chikmagalur coffee  powder to get best authentic south indian flavour, check best coffee powders on website


filter for south Indian coffee
mug or tumbler for coffee
Milk jug made of stainless steel
tiny saucepan


In a little pan, bring the water to a boil.

While waiting, pour the freshly ground coffee into the coffee filter and level it out with a little squeeze of the back of a spoon.

Stack the coffee mug or tumbler on top of the coffee filter.

Pour the water slowly over the coffee powder in the filter once it has reached a boil. Coffee should brew for ten to fifteen minutes with the cover on.

Pour the milk into a stainless steel milk pot and heat it on a low to medium heat while stirring it occasionally to prevent burning.

Remove the used coffee powder and the coffee filter from the tumbler after the coffee has been prepared.

After adding the coffee to the milk pot, mix it thoroughly.

As needed, add sugar and stir until it dissolves.

To froth the coffee-milk mixture, take it off the heat and repeatedly pour it back and forth between the milk pot and tumbler.

To enjoy, pour the foamy coffee into a serving cup.

Note: A small stainless steel cup and saucer are typically used to serve South Indian filter coffee. Coffee is frequently served with a crunchy food, such as murukku or banana chips.