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Filter Coffee: Among the 10 best coffees in the world, India's filter coffee ranks 2nd; This coffee feature is as follows

Filter Coffee: Among the 10 best coffees in the world, India's filter coffee ranks 2nd; This coffee feature is as follows
Indian filter coffee is ranked among the best coffees in the world. India's filter coffee is ranked 2nd among the 10 best coffees available worldwide. After hearing this news, coffee lovers are sure to drink another cup of coffee extra.
Filter Coffee
Many people around the world start their mornings with a delicious cup of coffee. It is not a lie that coffee is the life partner of millions of people, because some people do not drink coffee as soon as it dawns, and it is not a lie to feel lost in the world. Although coffee is grown extensively in India, there are many coffee lovers around the world. Especially if you drink filter coffee, it is not a lie to say that heaven is happiness. That's all right, why is there so much talk about coffee, of course there is a point.
Indian filter coffee is now ranked 2nd among the best coffees in the world.
Taste Atlas, which honors the quality and popularity of foods, has now released a list of the 10 best coffees in the world. Cafe Cubano topped the list, followed by India's Filter Coffee
Indian filter coffee is made from coffee beans with a unique aroma. It is made by mixing both Arabica and Robusta coffees grown in South Indian coffee plantations. A chef said in an interview to Indian Express that the filter coffee that is prepared by roasting and powdering it will have a different taste.
But it is not true that Indian filter coffee has more caffeine content compared to other coffees. Filter coffee has a slightly bitter taste compared to other coffees. But its aroma, taste is really amazing. Filter coffee also takes a little more time to prepare. Some hotels are famous for their filter coffees which are made by mixing milk, sugar and coffee powder.
History of coffee
Until the 17th century, coffee was grown only in Arabia. It was exported to other countries in roasted or boiled form. Export of raw coffee beans from the country was banned to protect the Arabian coffee monopoly. But according to history, when Supi Baba Budan went on pilgrimage to Mecca, he secretly brought 7 coffee seeds and planted them in the hills of Chikkamagaluru.Coffee plants grew well in the climate there. It is said that Baba Budan made it possible to grow coffee crops all over the world. In the past, jaggery or honey was used to make coffee. From 1900, the practice of making coffee with sugar became a norm